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SALE!! 25% OFF!
No Coupon needed.
Reg $42-$47, now just $31-$35

Meet TRISTAN, one of the best sex toys in the world! As you can tell by its name, this is my signature butt plug, which I helped design with Vixen Creations. What makes this plug different from others is its shape. Tristan is designed to go in and stay in. Thanks to the long neck, the bulbous head, and the two concave cut-outs off the base, it slides easily in past the sphincter muscles and fits nicely between your cheeks! If you look at more common tear-drop shaped plugs you will notice that they only have a VERY short neck. This creates a certain amount of pressure back on the sphincters and means you have to work really hard to keep it from accidentally popping out (a quite common and sometimes embarrassing occurence). If you compare the neck of my plug to those other plugs you can see how handy the longer neck can be!

The base of the Tristan is also unique. Instead of the traditional round or rectangular bottom, the TRISTAN has an original shape made to fit nicely between the ass cheeks. Because it has a very bulbous head, I strongly encourage you to warm up a little with fingers or other toys before insertion.

The TRISTAN butt plug is made of silicone which means it is easy to clean, it conducts body heat and vibration, and it's super durable and resilient. Vixen Creations makes the highest quality silicone sex toys on the market and offers a lifetime guarantee on all their products.

New to the TRISTAN is the option for a vibe in the base! Please note that the shaft for the TRISTAN with vibe option is hollow and is best used with the vibe inserted - although it is up to you to decide if you want to turn it on or not!

Styles: ORIGINAL($42) or WITH VIBE ($47 - SOLD OUT). The WITH VIBE version has a hollowed-out base for a mini bullet vibrator, and it comes with a vibe (batteries included). The ORIGINAL version has a solid base (no vibe hole).

Colors: Black and Purple.

Measurements: 3 1/2 inch total length, 1 1/2 inch diameter of head, 1 inch plus diameter of shaft.

Lube Compatibility
: Compatible with water-based lubes, do not use silicone-based lubes with silicone toys - they will be ruined! Cleaning Instructions: Silicone is non-porous, so you can clean this plug with hot water and anti-bacterial soap; sterilize it by boiling it for three minutes; or put it in the top rack of the dishwasher. If sterilized between uses it will be completely clean and you can share it without using a condom.

Different and Exciting. A Unique Winner
By J Bottom, Jacksonville, NC
We were very excited when we first came across this uniquely shaped plug. My wife and I bought a pair and we were very pleased. This plugs great shape leads to easy insertion and withdrawl. It stayed in place better than most plugs. I found it much more satisfying than the jelly "My First Butt Plug" that you can find in novelty stores. Yet not as demanding as the "Infinity Plug" here on Tristan's site. These plugs are very comfortable and assisted greatly in acheiving strong orgasms fro both of us. It also was the perfect warm up for anal sex. This product is HIGHLY recommended.

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