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Pure Plug

Pure Plug

Pure Plug


No Coupon needed.

The Pure Plug is anal pleasure perfection!

The Pure Plugs are designed to be equally fun for hot bedroom play or to wear out to the club for some naughty secret stimulation. Available in three different sizes, they each have a large heavy head for that delicious stretch of penetration and a small stem for good retention and long-term comfort. The silky smooth, weighty steel adds a lovely sense of fullness to remind you of just how sensitive your butt really is! Each plug is solid stainless steel and comes with its own satin lined case. We also carry a fourth size, the Pure Plug XL.

Small: 3" length, 1" diameter, 5 oz., (SOLD OUT)
Medium: 3" length, 1.25" diameter, 7 oz.,(Reg $75) ON SALE for $57.95 (just 1 left)
Large: 3" length, 1.5" diameter, 11 oz., (SOLD OUT)

Material: Stainless Steel

Lube Compatibility: Compatible with both water-based and silicone lubes.

Cleaning Instructions: Because this solid metal toy is completely non-porous, once these toys are cleaned they can be safely shared with your friends and loved ones. Simply wash them in hot water with anti-bacterial soap and dry with a soft cotton cloth. You can also soak the Pure Plug in a diluted bleach solution, but please make sure it is carefully rinsed before it is used again.


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