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The Eleven

The Eleven

The Eleven


You can see this toy in action in Rough Sex 2, Rough Sex 3, and The Expert Guide to Advanced Anal Sex. It's a favorite for Adrianna Nicole, Nina Hartley, and many others!

The Eleven by Njoy is truly a sight to behold. Combining revolutionary manufacturing technology with high-end design, those geniuses at Njoy pushed the boundaries of sex toys. This stainless steel dildo is one of the thickest, heaviest on the market today, and definitely the best toy for people who love length and girth (and size queens, of course). Its cutting-edge design makes it functional art and its size makes it covetable among sex toy aficionados. Plus, its solid surface is perfect for folks who prefer firm toys for penetration (and especially great for G-spot stimulation and female ejaculation). It weighs in at an impressive 2.75 pounds and comes in its own satin-lined leather bag (which doubles as a beautiful purse). Read the measurements carefully: this is not for the faint of heart!

Length: 11"

Diameter: 1.75" at smaller end, 2" at larger end

Material: Stainless Steel

Lube Compatibility: Compatible with water-based and silicone lubes

Cleaning Instructions: Because this solid metal toy is completely non-porous, once these toys are cleaned they can be safely shared with your friends and loved ones. Simply wash them in hot water with anti-bacterial soap and dry with a soft cotton cloth. You can also soak the Pure Plug in a diluted bleach solution, but please make sure it is carefully rinsed before it is used again.

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